The Otter Side of Morro Bay

Morro Bay was a destination to stop and visit my cousin who recently started college at Cal Poly. I was feeling a bit old as I can remember babysitting Chiara, but also very proud listening to her and hearing such wisdom and strength. It was quite comforting to be with the younger generation and feel hope for the long term future of this country. It was also comforting to spend time with the most adorable animals on the face of the planet. Anna feels as though she can’t write a post without writing something about the ominous future of this country, so you are stuck with me. I am not a writer, so here are some pictures of kayaking with sea puppies.
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Pantanal, Brazil Heat and Adventures

In the Pantanal, heavy rains spread out over a flat landscape, refilling and pooling each year to create the world’s largest wetland. During the rainy season from November to April, up to 80 percent of the land is covered in water, taking visitors off their feet and into boats to navigate the lush and lively habitat. We arrived at the end of October when the Brazilian sun worked efficiently to evaporate the standing water, leaving the land mostly dry and accessible. The signs of the regions cycle were evident in the night’s brilliant thunderstorms, ushering in the next seasons arrival. Read more