Vermont: the Green Dream

DSC08694We knew we would love Vermont. It has maple syrup, tons of craft breweries, very few Walmart’s and ZERO billboards. Vermont is one of 4 states that bans their use. No one trying to sell their business with gigantic pictures of greasy meat or confounding slogans and no lawyers to distract you into crashing your car so you can use their services. Instead there are acres upon acres of trees and grass land, farmhouses, and a plethora of local businesses. You immediately recognize it as “normal”, what normal should be anyway.

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Eureka Springs Music & Landslides

There is a palpable spirit living it up in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It is made up of what is unseen, with the revealing layers of past events highlighted by the vibrant stream of life that keeps this town thriving. It is color, it is music and it’s the precarious hillside which everything is built on. This town “happened” to us. Finding it and discovering its lurid corners was a momentous event. We had followed our own yellow brick road meant to loop us through cities around North America and get us back home in a year, but our stop in Eureka Springs almost side railed us and brought us to a more permanent stop. Read more

Art of Art: Monterrey

In Monterrey, we hung out with Art.

Art is the type of guy you meet and immediately feel as if you’ve been friends forever, like you are picking up where you left off. Perhaps you were last together in Spain on vacation or at a lively wedding in Las Vegas. He is open and warm, genuinely kind and can tell you something meaningful about every topic you broach. You never expect to meet such a person, randomly on a yearlong trip across the country, but when you do, you hang out and cherish the crap out of the time you get.
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