Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Part 1

Rio de Janeiro…say it out loud. Saying or hearing the name elicits an onslaught of meaning paired with sensual images of danceirs with fast hips and tanned peoples on the beach in barely there swim suits. The name alone sounds like a song and she turned out to be a true city’s city. She’s got it down, from the fine dining, one of kind libations, fancy dressers and a landscape for everyone’s liking. The streets jut upward with piles of apartment living and are lined with pastry shops, cafes and a never ending stream of taxis. The city transitions into beaches dotted with colorful umbrellas and then into the ocean with its myriad of coastal coned islands breaking the horizon.

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Pantanal, Brazil Heat and Adventures

In the Pantanal, heavy rains spread out over a flat landscape, refilling and pooling each year to create the world’s largest wetland. During the rainy season from November to April, up to 80 percent of the land is covered in water, taking visitors off their feet and into boats to navigate the lush and lively habitat. We arrived at the end of October when the Brazilian sun worked efficiently to evaporate the standing water, leaving the land mostly dry and accessible. The signs of the regions cycle were evident in the night’s brilliant thunderstorms, ushering in the next seasons arrival. Read more

Snapshot Brazil

Sunlight and all the colors, Brazil makes you want to keep your eyes open and take in every moment. It’s been a few months since our visit and so to be reacquainted like a good friend, we want to pick up right where we left off and share some of our favorite sights and moments. These are just the starting notes to the beautiful time we spent in the Pantanal with our expert guide Andre and in Rio de Janeiro. Read more