Santa Fe: Food, Art & Tattoos

Day 90 on the road brought Christmas lights and Christmas enchiladas in Sante Fe, New Mexico. The holiday season was upon us and given our new life of continuous change our holiday traditions would need to evolve. In place of skiing in the mountains we choose a day of psychedelic art; and rather than going to a mall to buy Christmas presents we got tattoos. Read more

Pulled into a Sedona Vortex

We knew it existed, we just needed this trip  (a year long road trip around North America) to guide us there.

Sedona, Arizona is known as many things. A natural paradise with telltale red rock formations; an outdoor recreation hub laden with hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails; a town known for its southwestern art markets; and finally, it is where spiritual energy has made a home in ethereal landmarks called vortexes. Read more

Hugging Trees in California

We saw rain. Rain to sustain trees with 370 feet of life. Tall trees. The tallest trees. Trees older than Christ. Trees so hardy that nothing but time, lightning and man can kill them. Trees so special they were harvested down to 40,000 acres from a sprawling 2 million. Sacred trees.

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Leave No Trace: Thoughts on our National Parks

I say this with certainty, it is an innate human desire (and a luxury) to have our vision and memories filled with wondrous, beautiful things. With so many people travelling to experience the natural marvels of the world, the great question looms, how can we keep these marvels as they are for future generations? In the US we have the National Park Service (NPS), which I focus on here, and programs like Leave No Trace to help preserve these sights, but what really does it take for us to be the best stewards of our environment? Read more


I’ve written and rewritten this piece several times. One take away was the great wonder and mystery of the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde and the community living site at Chimney Rock. Another take away, which I have struggled with, is the critique on how our modern society has attempted to retell the story of this ancient civilization.

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Great Sand Dunes National Park


After much preparation and planning, the time has come for us to hit the road. This proverbial road will include as much of the United States as possible and some of Mexico and Canada. It will be long in both distance and time and with all that lies ahead it has become a habit to mull over the possible series of happenings that are likely, unlikely, good and bad.

flat tires, broken bones, weight loss, mountain summits, personal growth, running out of gas, water and beer, getting lost, the dog getting sick, nice tans, bad tans, becoming an expert fire starter, loosing the car keys on a hike

These are just a few.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Part 1

Rio de Janeiro…say it out loud. Saying or hearing the name elicits an onslaught of meaning paired with sensual images of danceirs with fast hips and tanned peoples on the beach in barely there swim suits. The name alone sounds like a song and she turned out to be a true city’s city. She’s got it down, from the fine dining, one of kind libations, fancy dressers and a landscape for everyone’s liking. The streets jut upward with piles of apartment living and are lined with pastry shops, cafes and a never ending stream of taxis. The city transitions into beaches dotted with colorful umbrellas and then into the ocean with its myriad of coastal coned islands breaking the horizon.

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