Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway runs for 469 miles. Its northern extent begins in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and ends at Great Smoky Mountain National Park in North Carolina. However you choose to approach the trip, the drive alone is worth the visit, full of dynamic scenic overlooks and without the distraction of bill boards and major towns.

Blue Ridge Parkway

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Big Bend National Park Celebration

Holidays on the road require special planning to abate homesickness. For Christmas 2016, after a 4 month commitment to living on the road, we decided we needed a quiet week where we could set up our trailer and make it feel like home. We had been moving spots every 3 or 4 days then driving 5 to 8 hours to our next location. This meant tearing down and rebuilding our home a few times a week. Exciting as it is to have an ever changing view out our trailer windows, it can be tiring and lonely.

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Pulled into a Sedona Vortex

We knew it existed, we just needed this trip  (a year long road trip around North America) to guide us there.

Sedona, Arizona is known as many things. A natural paradise with telltale red rock formations; an outdoor recreation hub laden with hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails; a town known for its southwestern art markets; and finally, it is where spiritual energy has made a home in ethereal landmarks called vortexes. Read more

Naked in Joshua Tree

What is the makeup of your most cherished memories?

Are they composed of snapshots; maybe a series of stills and flashes? Are they like a detailed movie scene you can play over and over? What about the memories of whole experiences where you can recall the sounds in the background, smells in the air and even feel the butterflies you felt in your stomach? Doozies. Read more

Miles and Elevation: A Case for Hiking

♦ Pictures were taken over 2 days of hiking in Pinnacles National Park. There are two entrances to the park, the East and the West. We chose the East Side to venture from as we favored the camping options. Highlights of the hikes were Bear Gulch and Balconies Caves and sightings of bats, tarantulas and the endangered California condor which is the largest bird in North America. ♦

The feeling of miles and elevation in my legs and lungs is addicting. I believe this because it’s not always a joy, but always a need. The countless miles hiked and summits reached are not always “fun”, they can be so challenging that gratification only comes when it’s over. I know this is not the case for everyone…some love every aspect of hiking.

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Save the Grand Canyon! Save the Confluence

Recently we have been covering our time in the Grand Canyon which was part of an even bigger trip to hit the road in our trailer, travel around the United States and get some fresh air and perspective. If you haven’t read our pieces on the Grand Canyon and are interested here they are:

Grand Canyon North Rim and Below

Grand Canyon South Rim and Below

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Grand Canyon North Rim & Below

Nature nailed it. The Grand Canyon is not just a beautiful view; the canyon entices and tempts. In the Grand Canyon our limits of human sight are tested; look deeper and further. This may lead you to want to feel each layer below your feet; to get down to the roots…to the river; to walk the entire length; to see what lies in the shadows; to know what you are capable of. The rim of the Grand Canyon is euphoric and you may end up with a terrifying desire to learn everything you can. Read more