Naked in Joshua Tree

What is the makeup of your most cherished memories?

Are they composed of snapshots; maybe a series of stills and flashes? Are they like a detailed movie scene you can play over and over? What about the memories of whole experiences where you can recall the sounds in the background, smells in the air and even feel the butterflies you felt in your stomach? Doozies. Read more

The Otter Side of Morro Bay

Morro Bay was a destination to stop and visit my cousin who recently started college at Cal Poly. I was feeling a bit old as I can remember babysitting Chiara, but also very proud listening to her and hearing such wisdom and strength. It was quite comforting to be with the younger generation and feel hope for the long term future of this country. It was also comforting to spend time with the most adorable animals on the face of the planet. Anna feels as though she can’t write a post without writing something about the ominous future of this country, so you are stuck with me. I am not a writer, so here are some pictures of kayaking with sea puppies.
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Big Sur-Prise

We left the Monterrey area the day after one of the strangest days of our lives, election day 2016. We had a literal and figurative hangover. All we could think to do was hide in a redwood forest in Big Sur and hide from the online meltdown. This was a time we felt without resource, like getting news of the death of a loved one and there is no one, no thing to make it feel ok.

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Art of Art: Monterrey

In Monterrey, we hung out with Art.

Art is the type of guy you meet and immediately feel as if you’ve been friends forever, like you are picking up where you left off. Perhaps you were last together in Spain on vacation or at a lively wedding in Las Vegas. He is open and warm, genuinely kind and can tell you something meaningful about every topic you broach. You never expect to meet such a person, randomly on a yearlong trip across the country, but when you do, you hang out and cherish the crap out of the time you get.
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Miles and Elevation: A Case for Hiking

♦ Pictures were taken over 2 days of hiking in Pinnacles National Park. There are two entrances to the park, the East and the West. We chose the East Side to venture from as we favored the camping options. Highlights of the hikes were Bear Gulch and Balconies Caves and sightings of bats, tarantulas and the endangered California condor which is the largest bird in North America. ♦

The feeling of miles and elevation in my legs and lungs is addicting. I believe this because it’s not always a joy, but always a need. The countless miles hiked and summits reached are not always “fun”, they can be so challenging that gratification only comes when it’s over. I know this is not the case for everyone…some love every aspect of hiking.

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Miss Sacremento

On the road we look forward to having people to visit like we look forward to Christmas. It’s weird to say it gets lonely since we always have each other and our stinky dog, but it does. I think it’s part of the human psyche to feel the presence of another by their arrival and leaving. Since Matt and I never leave or arrive, we have become singular in a way. It’s a beautiful thing but at times its lonely.

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