N. American Road Trip

Anna of Prince Edward Island May 13, 2019 - Anne of Green Gables, a book by Lucy Maud Montgomery about a spirited, stubborn girl ahead of her time, helped soften the edges I encountered while growing up. See I grew up in my dreams. Always creating worlds and exploring the colorful ones I found in books.
Bay of Fundy February 1, 2019 - From the United States to Canada, we made our way around the Bay of Fundy. We started in Lubec, Main and then crossed the Canadian border into New Brunswick where we stayed in Fundy National Park.
Acadia National Park March 22, 2018 - Acadia National Park, located on Mount Desert Island in Maine, rises out of the Atlantic Ocean to a summit elevation of 1,530 ft. It is an island of rocky coastlines and piney mountains.
New Hampshire Backpacking Disaster February 2, 2018 - Backpacking trip in White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire full of rain and a lot of tent time.
Vermont: the Green Dream February 1, 2018 - Exploring Vermont by land and canoe. Loving that they don't have billboards, but do have craft beers!
Blue Ridge Parkway June 15, 2017 - The Blue Ridge Parkway runs for 469 miles. Its northern extent begins in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and ends at Great Smoky Mountain National Park in North Carolina.
A Sweet Stop in Savannah, Georgia June 12, 2017 - We had a sweet 24-hours in Savannah, Georgia. We parked it at the Savannah, Georgia visitor center, a fantastic find as it is only $8 per night to park your trailer downtown. With limited time, we were quickly turned onto the...
Florida the Sunshine State June 9, 2017 - We spent an entire month in Florida but not on purpose. We were trapped by the delusions that set in with too much sun. You begin to fear leaving for if you do the next place might rain, or be cold or run out of rum.
Route 61 Blues Highway June 7, 2017 - Along this route, from New Orleans to Memphis , blues, jazz, soul, and gospel has poured and spread out like rain over the flat Mississippi Delta.
Lafayette Bayou Run May 28, 2017 - We took a boat trip into the Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge near Lafayette, Louisiana and it didn't quite work out as we hoped. Life! After New Orleans we wanted to head out into the wild to see alligators, birds and water bogged Cyprus trees.
Mardi Gras Homecoming May 15, 2017 - New Orleans has flaws, it has wounds and yet it is an oasis of beautiful humans, who make it better and will keep alive the vivacious culture that sets it apart from the rest of the United States.
Hot Springs, Arkansas, A Quick Dip May 8, 2017 - Life on the road means showers can be just a bucket of water, to us Hot Springs AR was an oasis.
Eureka Springs Music & Landslides May 1, 2017 - There is a palpable spirit living it up in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Like any interesting spirit it has layers. It is culture and it is music which have been mixed in with catastrophic geological events staged on a precarious hillside.
Big Bend National Park Celebration April 25, 2017 - Our campsite was situated next to a short 3-mile hike to scenic outlook called The Window which we tackled on the first day. The following day we summited the highest point in the park, Emory Peak, which took us on an 11 mile hike to an elevation of 7,832 ft with an elevation gain of 2,400 ft.
Caving in Southern New Mexico April 10, 2017 - Few have the natural makeup to be comfortable in dark, tight spaces. Caves provide environments that are not well suited for long term human habitation. But since caves exist, the human instinct to dominate every place on earth, leads us down the proverbial rabbit hole to these dark subterranean caverns.
White Sands NP March 14, 2017 - An amazing place tucked away in a corner of the southwest. A dazzling, glimmering, shimmering hidden gem.
Santa Fe: Food, Art & Tattoos March 9, 2017 - In place of skiing in the mountains we choose a day of psychedelic art; and rather than going to a mall to buy Christmas presents we got tattoos.
Pulled into a Sedona Vortex February 21, 2017 - Sedona, Arizona is known as many things. A natural paradise with telltale red rock formations; an outdoor recreation hub laden with hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails; a town known for its southwestern art markets; and finally, it is where spiritual energy has made a home in ethereal landmarks called vortexes.
Naked in Joshua Tree February 14, 2017 - A recent stop (on our trip of never ending stops) had me thinking about a unique kind of memory. One that I want to hold onto forever but fear will slip away. That is the memory of a feeling. Specifically in this case, the feeling of being free in the desert.
The Otter Side of Morro Bay February 9, 2017 - Morro Bay was a destination to stop and visit my cousin who recently started college at Cal Poly.
Big Sur-Prise February 6, 2017 - We left the Monterrey area the day after one of the strangest days of our lives, election day 2016. We had a literal and figurative hangover. All we could think to do was hide in a redwood forest in Big Sur and hide from the online meltdown.
Miles and Elevation: A Case for Hiking December 20, 2016 - “Before enlightenment – chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment – chop wood, carry water.” - Zen Buddhist Proverb
Break in the Bay: San Fran & Napa December 17, 2016 - Either we have a rhythm in our lives or we are looking for one. It enables us be smooth operators as we move through our days and gives us a cadence to help us keep it together. Some call it their flow, their routine, their daily grind and it all ties us to a sense of equilibrium.
Hugging Trees in California December 9, 2016 - We saw rain. Rain to sustain trees with 370 feet of life. Tall trees. The tallest trees. Trees older than Christ. Trees so hardy that nothing but time...
Miss Sacremento November 30, 2016 - On the road we look forward to having people to visit like we look forward to Christmas. It’s weird to say it gets lonely since we always have each other and our stinky dog, but it does. I think it’s part of the human psyche to feel the presence of another by their arrival and leaving. Since Matt and I never leave or arrive, we have … Read More Miss Sacremento
At Home in Lake Tahoe California November 26, 2016 - We departed Las Vegas for Tahoe knowing our transmission could go kaput any time. Our route was US 95, the long desert highway. With my weary prone mind, I could see the headline. “Youngish couple goes missing in the desert along with their chubby dog and tiny trailer.”
Idioms on the Road November 14, 2016 - If you’re like me, you think about idioms and colloquialisms frequently. I like to research their origins and find them nestled in published works, asking whether the usage was clever or lazy.
Upper Antelope Canyon Million $ Views November 2, 2016 - The place where water runs through rocks. This is the English translation for the Navajo name for the Upper Antelope Canyon, located just outside of Page, Arizona.
Grand Canyon North Rim & Below October 31, 2016 - Nature nailed it. The Grand Canyon is not just a beautiful view; the canyon entices and tempts. In the Grand Canyon our limits of human sight are tested; look deeper and further. This may lead you to want to feel each layer below your feet; to get down to the roots…to the river; to walk the entire length; to see what lies in the shadows; to know what you are capable of.
Grand Canyon South Rim & Below October 21, 2016 - For our visit to the Grand Canyon we decided to take on the two faces of the North and South Rims. Given the expanse of the canyon (277 miles long by up to 18 miles wide) we decided we needed several days and a break in between rims which would land us in Page, Arizona.
Leave No Trace: Thoughts on our National Parks October 17, 2016 - With so many people travelling to experience the natural marvels of the world, the great question looms, how can we keep these marvels as they are for future generations? In the US we have the National Park Service (NPS), which I focus on here, and programs like Leave No Trace to help preserve these sights, but what really does it take for us to be the best stewards of our environment?
Over the Handlebars in Moab October 6, 2016 - We spent six sun, sweat soaked (say that six times fast) days in Moab, Utah. Six days were not enough. We had just enough time to fall in love but not enough to make our relationship Facebook official.
Around Durango, Colorado September 30, 2016 - We ended our first week on the road in Durango, Colorado. We haven’t worn our road shoes long enough to understand the preeminent hardships we will face; we are still in vacation mode.
Mesa Verde National Park September 23, 2016 - One take away was the great wonder and mystery of the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde and the community living site at Chimney Rock. Another take away, which I have struggled with, is the critique on how our modern society has attempted to retell the story of this ancient civilization.
Great Sand Dunes National Park September 15, 2016 - You don't know what you don't know. We have lived in Colorado our entire lives and neither of us had visited the sand dunes. Now having been, it feels comparable to as if we had never skied or seen a concert at Red Rocks. It should be something you do when you live in Colorado.

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