Eureka Springs Music & Landslides

There is a palpable spirit living it up in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Like any interesting spirit it has layers. It is culture and it is music which have been mixed in with catastrophic geological events staged on a precarious hillside.

This town “happened” to us. We had followed our own yellow brick road meant to loop us through cities around North America and get us back home in a year, but our stop in Eureka Springs almost side railed us and brought us to a more permanent stop.

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Big Bend National Park Celebration

Holidays on the road require special planning to abate homesickness.

For Christmas 2016, after a 4 month commitment to living on the road, we decided we needed a quiet week where we could set up our trailer and make it feel like home. We had been moving spots every 3 or 4 days then driving 5 to 8 hours to our next location. This meant tearing down and rebuilding our home a few times a week. Exciting as it is to have an ever changing view out our trailer windows, it can be tiring and lonely.

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Caving in Southern New Mexico

There is a world below our feet, rarely thought of or visited.

Few have the natural makeup to be comfortable in dark, tight spaces. Caves provide environments that are not well suited for long term human habitation. But since caves exist, the human instinct to dominate every place on earth, leads us down the proverbial rabbit hole to these dark subterranean caverns.

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White Sands NP

White Sands National Monument is home to a vast field of white as snow, gypsum sand dunes located in the Chihuahuan Desert in southern New Mexico. Once a luscious land inhabited by towering beasts such as dire wolves, saber-tooth tigers and mammoths it is now a rugged and harsh desert. Now this land host smaller beasts such as foxes, the terrifying Apache pocket mouse and our own beast, Brody.

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Santa Fe: Food, Art & Tattoos

Day 90 on the road brought Christmas lights and Christmas enchiladas in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

The holiday season was upon us and given our new life of continuous change our holiday traditions would need to evolve. In place of skiing in the mountains we choose a day of psychedelic art; and rather than going to a mall to buy Christmas presents we got tattoos.*thanks Lost Cowboy for a great experience and tattoos we love. I will be driving from Denver next year to get that special tattoo I showed you!

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El Morro, NM: The Oasis

When the sun shines get your ass out of bed and seize the day.

There are several events that can be anticipated during a year of traveling around the country while living out of a small trailer. Cold weather is one of them. Our planned route aims to miss winter extremes by hugging the south and venturing north in the spring. Nonetheless, we knew enough to bring a few extra blankets, which we have stowed away for the one or few nights where cold weather still finds us.

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Pulled into a Sedona Vortex

We knew it existed, we just needed this trip  (a year long road trip around North America) to guide us there.

Sedona, Arizona is known as many things. A natural paradise with telltale red rock formations; an outdoor recreation hub laden with hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails; a town known for its southwestern art markets; and finally, it is where spiritual energy has made a home in ethereal landmarks called vortexes.

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Naked in Joshua Tree

What is the makeup of your most cherished memories?

Are they composed of snapshots; maybe a series of stills and flashes? Are they like a detailed movie scene you can play over and over? What about the memories of whole experiences where you can recall the sounds in the background, smells in the air and even feel the butterflies you felt in your stomach? Doozies.

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Princess Fever in L.A.

We didn’t exactly tackle Los Angeles the way we could have.

We didn’t explore the way we should have. For our tired minds at this point in our journey, what we needed was simply time with friends and family and of course Disneyland.

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The Otter Side of Morro Bay

Morro Bay was a destination to stop and visit my cousin who recently started college at Cal Poly.

I was feeling a bit old as I can remember babysitting Chiara, but also very proud listening to her and hearing such wisdom and strength. It was quite comforting to be with the younger generation and feel hope for the long term future of this country. It was also comforting to spend time with the most adorable animals on the face of the planet. Anna feels as though she can’t write a post without writing something about the ominous future of this country, so you are stuck with me. I am not a writer, so here are some pictures of kayaking with sea puppies.

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Big Sur-Prise

We left the Monterrey area the day after one of the strangest days of our lives, election day 2016.

We had a literal and figurative hangover. All we could think to do was hide in a redwood forest in Big Sur and hide from the online meltdown. This was a time we felt without resource, like getting news of the death of a loved one and there is no one, no thing to make it feel ok.

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Art of Art: Monterrey

In Monterrey, we hung out with Art.


Art is the type of guy you meet and immediately feel as if you’ve been friends forever, like you are picking up where you left off. Perhaps you were last together in Spain on vacation or at a lively wedding in Las Vegas. He is open and warm, genuinely kind and can tell you something meaningful about every topic you broach. You never expect to meet such a person, randomly on a yearlong trip across the country, but when you do, you hang out and cherish the crap out of the time you get.

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