6 thoughts on “CONTACT

  • Hi, this is Tom and Suzanne. We met you at Salt Springs and so enjoyed the beautiful singing of Anna. I talked to you about our travels and wanted you to look at my friends photography site. They are great people and have a love for taking pictures. The link is below

    This is my favorite poem. After reading your blog I think you will enjoy it. It still amazes me that it was written in the late 1920’s

    Also this is what my wife and I try to live by

    Do not put off living the life you dream of. Next year may never come. If we are always waiting for something to change … retirement, the kids to leave home, the weather or the economy, that’s not living. That’s waiting! Waiting will only leave us with unrealized dreams and empty wishes.

    After reading your blog , it makes me want to go traveling again. It was a great tIme in our lives.
    Matt and Anna keep living your dream

    Tom and Suzanne


    • Tom and Suzanne,
      Thank you so much for taking an interest in our website, and it was a delight to get to meet with you and share some stories of travel.
      We love the sentiments from the poem and your words, they are what we try to live by and couldn’t agree more.
      You should definitely get some traveling in, the time is now 🙂
      Good luck to you and we hope our paths cross again.
      Matt and Anna


  • Hi Matt and Anna,
    Small world. While on our own tour on Campobello Island yesterday I recognized your vehicle from the campground in Lubec. I did an impromptu search online and found your site/blog. While reading past posts found we have crossed paths in our travels but suspect on alternative time lines. Kanab for one and in location and feeling. Great reading! I look forward to continued posts. Happy trails to you! And thank you for sharing! Cindy


    • Hi Cindy! Thanks for checking our site out, and it is indeed a small world.
      Have you been traveling for a while? Where are you headed from Maine?
      We are headed to Nova Scotia and then back across Canada to the west.
      Cheers, Matt and Anna


      • Hi Matt and Anna
        Your travels are awesome. We work full time and only started traveling in RV 2 years ago with limited travel Windows but enjoy all the same. We worked out way down the coast of Maine then back home to Pennsylvania. Have been back to work for two weeks but life is good. Keep your posts coming and enjoy each day.


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