We met beneath the romantic glow of computer screens…at work.

Both engineers, both shushing the subconscious voices telling us that the rules weren’t exactly real, that we could totally do and be something different, more imaginative and more fulfilling. In finding each other, after having the rarest of the rare conversations where both people are in total agreement about doing something crazy, we quit our 9 to 5’s, cut down our belongings and hit the road. Besides a hardcore period of saving, there wasn’t a grand plan, no precise end goal. We started with a year and the physical limits of the United States and Canada to give ourselves a chance to loosen all those mental shackles we had placed on our selves and allowed others to place, so that we could breath and finally think with true reason.

The outcome of our little experiment is better said by Robyn Davidson, who is known for her courageous trek across the Australian outback.

There are some moments in life that are like pivots around which your existence turns—small intuitive flashes, when you know you have done something correct for a change

We are still out here, on the adventure road. We spent nearly a year and half road tripping, discovering our true opinions and expectations. We hiked our buns off, met mostly genuine and warm people all around North America and visited many of the natural landmarks we used to daydream about due to the daily screen saver updates on our computers. The thing about life on the road is that you are consistently having to soften your mindset to allow knew things in and to be able to quickly rid yourself of that which no longer serves you. We came to truly value our earth and see first hand the importance of communal stewardship. We faced ourselves head on to see how self absorbed and lazy our natural state can be. And finally, by golly, we discovered what we loved, what makes us feel bright and whole, sane and delightfully exhausted at the end of the day.

So we are sticking to it. Matt loves photography. I love writing and music and together we just love our natural world and all the ways we can spend time in it.

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