You know you’re nuts when sleeping in your trailer, which gets new scenery every few days, starts feeling ordinary. After months on the road, we had a craving to bring out the tent and spend a night on the ground.


Despite a thunderstorm warning, we trekked through White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire for a single night backpacking trip. We’d packed all the essentials: tent, sleeping bags, rain jackets, food and water, playing cards and a change of socks. Dressed for success.

Turns out we forced it. All diligent packing aside, the storm rolled in at 11:15 am, a mile before our planned camping spot and we were forced to bunker down early. With just enough time to heat some water in our Jet Boil, the rain came down full force and would persist for the next 17 hours.

We envisioned a backpacking trip fit for an L.L Bean ad, but it ended up more along the lines of a National Lampoon’s Vacation Sequel. We have a hardy tent, but rain always finds a way. We took turns running outside to create and maintain a dirt swale around our domicile, which kind of worked but of course we were drenched in the process. We had an anxious dog who sheds as a result and since we were wet, we too were covered in hair. We were a cooped-up mess and would have kicked ourselves for making such an amateur mistake only there was simply no room. There was time though, I repeat 17 hours.

It was in no way ideal and a silver lining just doesn’t exist here. Sometimes you want something, and it doesn’t work out. I’m cool with simply calling it shitty.

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