Lafayette Bayou Run

These are the categories for all things that take place in life:

  1. It worked out better than you imagined
  2. It worked out just like you imagined
  3. It did not work out like you imagined


We took a boat trip into the Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge near Lafayette, Louisiana and though it fell into the above Category #3 we take full responsibility. After New Orleans we were in search of a peaceful swamp tour to see alligators, birds and water bogged Cyprus trees. We found a reputable guide, who was lovely to spend a few hours with and took off into the swamp.  Unfortunately, we chose to venture out on the weekend of a big bass tournament. This meant an influx in boat traffic which had a way of scaring off any and in our case all wildlife in the area.  In other words, here are some beautiful pictures of Cyprus trees. Better luck next time.


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