Day 90 on the road brought Christmas lights and Christmas enchiladas in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

The holiday season was upon us and given our new life of continuous change our holiday traditions would need to evolve. In place of skiing in the mountains we choose a day of psychedelic art; and rather than going to a mall to buy Christmas presents we got tattoos.*thanks Lost Cowboy for a great experience and tattoos we love. I will be driving from Denver next year to get that special tattoo I showed you!

Santa Fe was new to both of us and with the help of my cousin Susan and our tattoo artist Guido we were guided to some amazing New Mexican eateries so we could eat enchiladas all over town. For a more fancy enchilada we went to The Shed and got to chat up my beautiful cousin and get the dish about other places to visit on our stay. For a chill laid back enchilada, we went to Cafe Castro a bit outside of town but worth the drive for a very authentic and spicy meal.

After satisfying our stomachs we decided to walk it off at a totally immersive art exhibit, Meow Wolf (thanks Suz!). “The House of Eternal Return” threw us straight into a 4 hour long interactive fantasy world aka heaven. The extensive exhibit, partially funded by George R.R. Martin, creator of Game of Thrones, brings together 135 artists to tell a mysterious story centered around a full size classic American house.


Experiences like this last much longer than the physical time we spend there. For Matt and I who are artists in our own dissimilar ways, they charge our batteries so to speak. The thought, effort and imagination that exists in the world is like an endless spring, or in my mind an endless creative energy that gets passed from one person to another and then transformed.

To date, this journey has been part fly by the seat of our pants and part a connect the dots across the country to those we love. Santa Fe would have made the list but it was enriched by the time spent with my cousin. The message of living on the road is not simply to see the sites and check off to-do lists but to hug a person who may have once been beyond arms reach, who is important to your life and your future.

As always, we merely scratched the surface. When we pull out of a site that was home for a few days, we are constantly making lists of places we need to get to next time. We realize that a one year trip around the country limits you in time and season to truly know a destination. In Santa Fe, we ate amazing food everywhere we went, found an artistic venue that fed our souls and were infatuated by the city for its southwestern flare and well thought out Christmas displays. Like a person you meet and feel an immediate kinship with, we surely want to get to know this city more. In a rare and forever special sentiment, Sante Fe will always be the place we got tattoos which symbolize not only our love for eachother but our love for travel.

5 Comments on “Santa Fe: Food, Art & Tattoos

    • Glad you still felt positively about Santa Fe even after getting sick there. It’s hard not to love, right?:)


    • They do! They are both Icelandic staves. Matt’s is to guide through troubles waters and mine, let’s just say is protection for an introvert:) our first trip together was to Iceland so they are symbols of our story.

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