We knew it existed, we just needed this trip  (a year long road trip around North America) to guide us there.

Sedona, Arizona is known as many things. A natural paradise with telltale red rock formations; an outdoor recreation hub laden with hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails; a town known for its southwestern art markets; and finally, it is where spiritual energy has made a home in ethereal landmarks called vortexes.


When we arrived in early December we received the gift of a light snowy dusting, reminiscent of our home in the Colorado Rockies. Being away from home this long, the little similarities go a long way in abating homesickness. The fewer things we can miss, the better, and snow has definitely been one of them.

On our first day, we hiked 7 miles (roundtrip) on the West Fork trail, which is touted as the top hiking trail in Arizona and amongst the top 10 in the US (according to one of the many top ten lists on the interweb). I can’t verify this but it is undeniably loaded, including stream crossings (13 total), high canyon walls and dense pine trees.  Our dog was in his glory, being able to play not only in the stream but in the fluffy snow.

We kept it low key in the evening by cooking at home and thus have no firsthand knowledge of the dining or imbibing opportunities that seem so tempting in town. This is a hard part of being on the road while not being rich. Dinner and cocktails is one of our favorite things but not above staying on the road as long as possible.


The next day Matt did a solo, photography driven hike on the Brins Mesa Trail to get a closer view of the red rock landscape. The scenery didn’t disappoint, but he sure did miss his muse (aka the girl he sends to the edge of a cliff for an “epic shot”). We met up in the afternoon to experience our first energy vortex and a legendary Sedona sunset.

We started out at a vantage point for Cathedral Rock where Crescent Moon Ranch Vortex is located. We came with no knowledge or expectations about what our experience would or could be. On later learning we found out that vortexes are funnel shape, constantly moving energy sources (like a tornado), that are apparently scientifically measurable, and interact with an individual based on who they are.


Pre-sunset we set out for the vortex and were greeted by tons of energy in the form of crowds and playing children. The vortex is located on an expansive rock slab adjacent to a slow moving creek and is said to emit a magnetic or feminine energy. This energy, in this specific location is said to heal old wounds and provide restoration. Additionally, the running water from the creek can be used to wash out and remove pain as a form of cleansing.


With our hands full (dog leash attached to a pulling dog, camera bags, water bottles) we ended up in a genuine stressed out state with the unexpected gathering. Of course, there would be a crowd; vortexes are magnetic! Everyone has pain they wish could be healed and everyone could use a little restoration. In hindsight, it’s absurd to think we would have all the feminine energy and healing to ourselves.

“Of course, there would be a crowd; vortexes are magnetic! Everyone has pain they wish could be healed and everyone could use a little restoration.”


Next up we were needing to find a place to watch the sunset, so we relocated to a spot that is always welcoming; a random unnamed turn off with no one there but us. That’s where my magic is, that is where I am restored.

With so few days in Sedona we hit the road with the feeling of wanting to see more and to even see what we had seen again. I don’t know about the power of the vortexes but I know that the little bit of snow we experienced mixed with the richness  of the landscape moved through us like a current and took with it a little homesickness that had been stirring.


9 Comments on “Pulled into a Sedona Vortex

  1. Breath-taking scenery captured by a photographer with an eye that sees beauty for what it was meant to be. Words that make you feel the journey as if you were there. Brody makes me smile 🙂

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  2. What a beautiful post. Particularly loved the photo of you, dog reflection in a shallow pool in the early morning. (I’d love to try to sketch a version of this someday)

    Glad you 3 are able to keep the road trip going, and it looks like the sacrifices are well worth it.

    Thank you for including us in the journey!

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      • I completed a sketch that was loosely inspired by the photo of you and your dog with the beautiful reflection beside you. I’ll leave a backlink to your blog when I share it so that others can appreciate the original version and your Sedona getaway.

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