We didn’t exactly tackle Los Angeles the way we could have.

We didn’t explore the way we should have. For our tired minds at this point in our journey, what we needed was simply time with friends and family and of course Disneyland.


We had started to feel the weight of an “always on” mode of operation. Never had we experienced such an aggressive decision making period as we have on this trip. Every day we are constantly making decisions. What to do, where to sleep, where to travel next. We are endlessly researching and gathering information to maintain our trips momentum. With Matt, Me and our lazy dog Brody, Google Maps has become the 4th wheel on our high-speed train. We check our routes compulsively throughout the day and hang on to every word our Google best friend offers to bring us to safety and home each day.

Its tiring. So Los Angeles will have to reveal her secretes on a different trip. This time around she played host to a few comfort dinners with loved ones and helped make a few dreams come true…to be Disney Princess’ for a day.


So thank you Ben and Ghislaine for the time spent. You met us in a moment of great need. Ben, you are one of Matt’s dearest friends and that was translated so clearly in your warmth and understanding as we described our trip thus far. Ghislaine you’re suggestion to visit Disneyland was brilliant, as was your tip to take “water” in with us.

Thank you, thank you Steve (my cousin) and Erin (my new cousin-in-law) for a wonderful evening. I had temporarily misplaced my engagement ring earlier in the day and your warmth and optimism in the goodness of mankind had me forgetting my previous state of despair. Steve, you have always been someone I admire and I credit with you my first memory of loving music. You were so cool as an undergraduate in the Air Force Academy, with your sparkle blue sports car, driving my sister and me around listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica. You are still that cool and I love you to the moon and back.

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