Either we have a rhythm in our lives or we are looking for one. It enables us be smooth operators as we move through our days and gives us a cadence to help us keep it together. Some call it their flow, their routine, their daily grind and it all ties us to a sense of equilibrium.


By day 43 of living on the road, a rhythm had found us and we were merrily bopping away. This rhythm made room for flying by the seat of our pants and changing scenery often. It gave us a new notion of comfort and refined our constructs of home. We have said from the beginning that this lifestyle choice was not an extended vacation. We are making changes where we think there can be improvement, altering our lifestyle to be more sustainable while seeking space and time so we can gain confidence in the direction we take from here on out.


We know we are not on vacation not only because there is work to be done but because of how normal every day feels. Vacations delightfully throw us off our rhythm and remind us, even for a mere moment, that life feels good when we slow down.

So, by day 43 our rhythm was about to be delightfully thrown off by the arrival of my sister, who was visiting us on the road. She would carve her own space in our limited 126 square foot trailer and share in the joys and hardships of life on the road. For this vacation, we would be lushing it up in wine county California and then down to San Francisco for more libations and touring.

It was a new frontier for us to be hosting someone in our trailer. I come from a long line of hostesses, my mother wins the prize, and I made sure to take care of all the details to make her comfortable in our home on wheels. We decorated for Halloween, bought flannel sheets with bears and trees for her bed (which by day is a table) and gave her closet space which was a feat.

Since she was on vacation, we were on vacation. All normalcy went out the window. We didn’t worry about waking up early or having a plan for each day. We stayed up late and drank so much wine we woke up with purple lips in the morning.


The story of our vacation included touring vineyards, eating decadent dinners, trailer “porch” dance parties, visiting friends, drinking expensive wine with Doritos, visiting Alcatraz, eating fresh fish in San Fran and driving down Lombard Street. We may be perpetual tourists in a way but for this trip we epitomized it and it was worth it.

Thanks Erin for your endless energy, candor and impeccable dance moves.  Thanks Matt P for being our wine country guide, inviting us to tour Staglin and as always being a great friend. Thanks Meghan for the laughs over a great meal, so good to see you. Also to our new and dear friend Art, who would become our official tour guide in Monterrey, we were so lucky to meet you.

And finally, thanks to Paul and Dawn who opened their home and hosted us so warmly after my sister left. A bath, cooking in a real kitchen and snuggling with you while watching a movie was such a good restoration after so many days in our trailer.

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