Recently we have been covering our time in the Grand Canyon which was part of an even bigger trip to hit the road in our trailer, travel around the United States and get some fresh air and perspective. If you haven’t read our pieces on the Grand Canyon and are interested here they are:

Grand Canyon North Rim and Below

Grand Canyon South Rim and Below

Leave No Trace: Thoughts on our National Parks

The Grand Canyon ended up nestling deep in our minds and while we were working on our pieces for the trip, I happened to read the latest issue of National Geographic. Fortuitous for it presented, like the most satisfying answer to a question, the article “Are We Losing the Grand Canyon?” by Kevin Fedarko.

Not only was it fortuitous but also problematic. We were already struggling with the feeling that our National Parks have become overcrowded and may need some revamping. What this article did was add a bit more heartache and concern for what is one of America’s greatest treasures.

If you want to share in my heartache or just want a great read, I provided the link below. It is great on so many levels.

Short and sweet folks. I needed this article to say what I couldn’t.

I have also provided the link for Save the Confluence. You can read more about the potential damaging changes to the park and can contribute to the cause by signing a petition or donating.


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