We ended our first week on the road in Durango, Colorado. We haven’t worn our road shoes long enough to understand the preeminent hardships we will face; we are still in vacation mode. Despite this, there is a perspective or frame of mind that has started to take form. Time now stretches and stretches out just like the road before us. With no deadlines, other than the liquid ones we set for ourselves, time is now at our disposal. This is an adjustment.

As active people we try and fill the space with hikes and runs and when we are physically tired there are books to read, coffee shops to go to and cooking to be done. This is a dream, one we have had for some time, but the question of “what do we do now,” after we have done so much and there is still time left in the day, becomes an existential one.

“What am I supposed to do?” Matt and I are in this together, but this question can only be answered as individuals. I mean this in the grand sense and it goes hand in hand with questions like, “who are you?” and “what do you value?” This journey and the things we fill our time with contribute to a much larger component that will guide the next phase of our lives. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”~Aristotle

So life is wonderful one week in but the tough and beautiful questions are already knocking at our trailer door.

Here is what our time in Durango looked like with main highlights including Chimney Rock, Vallecito Lake and nearby Silverton, Colorado. We also visited Mesa Verde National Park but decided to emphasize this in our previous piece. See Here.

3 Comments on “Around Durango, Colorado

  1. Taking our grandson to Mesa Verde National park in June, 2017. He is 10. His grandpa is 85 years old and the two of them are cowboys and Indians fans. I am taking both on this “road trip” like we did his dad 33 years ago in our motor home. We camped out back then, not this time we are staying in hotels because grandma is not crazy about sleeping outdoors anymore. Once we missed being “swept away” in a flash flood West of Denver. We decided against stopping in that area the day before. We are retired and blessed. I love your blog and pictures.


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