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Nature crisis: Humans ‘threaten 1m species with extinction’

  • Bay of Fundy

    From the United States to Canada, we made our way around the Bay of Fundy. We started in Lubec, Main and then crossed the Canadian border into New Brunswick where we stayed in Fundy National Park.

  • White Sands NP

    An amazing place tucked away in a corner of the southwest. A dazzling, glimmering, shimmering hidden gem.

  • Naked in Joshua Tree

    A recent stop (on our trip of never ending stops) had me thinking about a unique kind of memory. One that I want to hold onto forever but fear will slip away. That is the memory of a feeling. Specifically in this case, the feeling of being free in the desert.

  • At Home in Lake Tahoe California

    We departed Las Vegas for Tahoe knowing our transmission could go kaput any time. Our route was US 95, the long desert highway. With my weary prone mind, I could see the headline. “Youngish couple goes missing in the desert along with their chubby dog and tiny trailer.”

  • Upper Antelope Canyon Million $ Views

    The place where water runs through rocks. This is the English translation for the Navajo name for the Upper Antelope Canyon, located just outside of Page, Arizona.

  • Grand Canyon North Rim & Below

    Nature nailed it. The Grand Canyon is not just a beautiful view; the canyon entices and tempts. In the Grand Canyon our limits of human sight are tested; look deeper and further. This may lead you to want to feel each layer below your feet; to get down to the roots…to the river; to walk the entire length; to see what lies in the shadows; to know what you are capable of.

  • Grand Canyon South Rim & Below

    For our visit to the Grand Canyon we decided to take on the two faces of the North and South Rims. Given the expanse of the canyon (277 miles long by up to 18 miles wide) we decided we needed several days and a break in between rims which would land us in Page, Arizona.

  • Over the Handlebars in Moab

    We spent six sun, sweat soaked (say that six times fast) days in Moab, Utah. Six days were not enough. We had just enough time to fall in love but not enough to make our relationship Facebook official.


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Seattle, Washington! We have called Seattle home for 6 months now and could not have expected how much we would love it. It is spring now and our neighborhood is bursting with color and light.

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All the camping. We just returned from South Africa and are gearing up for our first summer in our new home in the PNW. We will be hiking and camping our way around the state.